Hey! Looking to commission your very own portrait from me? Okay here it is! For a painting/drawing I start at a $100 minimum  for commissioned work and if we go bigger than 8x10 or need shipping and stuff it can go up but don’t be afraid I will work with people on a budget to see what we can work out. Have in mind a 8 x 10 I can ship it to you no problem for $100 in total. I also do digital pieces for $60 and I can just send you the file via email so you can use it or print it however you want. They are more realistic though and much different than my handmaid work so I’d check out the samples on my website galleries before you commit.

 I collect half a payment from people to give myself the go ahead to start it/and a down payment also just to organize myself. I take Venmo, PayPal or Facebook cash, checks and cash.

I also just ask people to give me two weeks to finish a piece. I usually get it done within a week but sometimes I’m booked doing stand up a handful of nights in a row so I have to find the time but I promise I am fast!

If this all sounds appealing go ahead and email me or message me on any of my various platforms. I would love to make something for you.

much love,

Katie Bowman